Drafts 38 released: Mail Drop, HTML to Markdown

Drafts 38.0 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


Mail Drop

Mail Drop allows you to send emails to a unique email address and have those messages imported automatically into Drafts. When you enable Mail Drop, you will be assigned a unique email address. Send an email to that address, and its content will be imported into Drafts and appear in your inbox. Great for getting information into Drafts from anywhere.

More on Mail Drop :arrow_upper_right: Mail Drop requires Drafts Pro.

HTML to Markdown

Drafts has always has Markdown parsers to turn Markdown into HTML. We’ve now added tools to turn HTML back into Markdown. It’s not perfect, but converts a lot of common HTML elements into their Markdown counterpart–including headings, emphasis, lists, quotes, and more.

By default, when pasting text into Drafts’ editor, if an HTML version of the content is available in the clipboard, Drafts will prefer this version to the plain text version and convert it to Markdown before pasting. The most common use cases for this is copying from web pages, where the browser typically places an HTML version of the content you copy in the clipbaord. You can control this behavior, and some stylistic elements of the coversion, in settings.

These conversion features can also be used via scripting with the new HTMLToMarkdown object, and in web capture templates used when sharing from Safari, which now support a new [[selection_markdown]] template tag that inserts the Markdown converted version of the text selection, rather than the plain text one. Learn more about the Web Capture Template.

Lastly, a new “HTML to Markdown” Shortcuts app action has been provided to access this conversion as a service from other shortcuts.

More Details about HTML to Markdown :arrow_upper_right:

Folder Icons

A cosmetic change, but worth calling out: The folder tabs above the draft list for the Inbox, Flagged, and Archive tab have been changed to icon representations. They still behave the same.

Other Changes and Updates

  • All Platforms:
    • Change: Add option to include-exclude backticks from auto-match to prevent conflict with typing accented characters in some languages. Setting available in Editor Settings.
  • iOS:
    • Fix: Evernote action step generating invalid ENML errors converting headings, as Evernote did like the way the updated MultiMarkdown generates headings with id attributes.
    • Change: Improvements to the positioning of the auto-complete popover.
    • Fix: Draft count below list not always updating properly when background changes occur.
  • Mac:
    • “Copy” contextual menu on find results in find window to allow copying the matched string to the clipboard.
    • Fix: GitHub Markdown options not saving properly.
  • Scripting:
    • HTMLToMarkdown object used to convert HTML text to Markdown. See documentation for options.
    • Setting editor.pinningEnabled now respects Live Activity preferences on supported devices.
    • New Live Activity scripting options:
      • app.areLiveActivitiesSupported: boolean indicating whether Live Activities are supported on the current device.
      • app.startLiveActivity(draft): Start a Live Activity for the passed draft.
      • app.stopLiveActivity(draft): Stop any current Live Activity for the passed draft.
      • Related Docs
    • app.setClipboard can still take a string value to put in the keyboard, or, optionally, take an object of key values to set multiple types. Supported types are string, html, url.
    • app.getClipboard can now take an option type string (same options as above) to explicitly request HTML or a URL from the pasteboard - if one exists in the clipboard.

If I have 4 devices that run drafts, the mail drop email doesn’t seem to sync, and once I come back from work, I have to generate a new email and this one is different from the earlier one. What am I missing?

Mail Drop is a great feature, thank you. I will use it a lot from my work computer.

It should sync. Maybe you are just rushing it a bit? Settings information updates more slowly than other data. If you configured it on one device, it might not pickup the new configuration information until sync is complete, and possibly the app is restarted.

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When I forward an email, it is imported into Drafts twice. Same thing is happening with a friend. Is there a setting we are omitting?

If you have instances of duplication, please open a ticket (support@getdrafts.com) with details of the message (from address, subject). I’m working with Postmark on some of these cases - they are, in fact, getting the message delivered to them twice. So far the only examples I’ve seen come through GMail as the sender.

I had this issue earlier today with mails from other domains. I can’t reproduce it anymore.

I love the icons for Inbox, Archive and Trash! Thank you for that.


Pretty sure the duplicate email issue is resolved.

I agree that that is true.







Are these extra lines intended?

That’s probably correct. Presumably, you are sending HTML mail, and have the Markdown conversion enabled for Mail Drop. Most email clients structure what look like line breaks as HTML <p> (paragraph) tags - which convert to two line feeds in Markdown.

If you want plain text more clearly translated, it’s better to either send as plain text email (not rich-text HTML), or to set the “Text” option for import format in Mail Drop.

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Thanks, I never noticed I send HMTL mails from Outlook at work. I adjusted the Outlook settings to text and it works now as expected.

unable to upgrade from MacApp store…
upg wont start…

That comes up with Mac App Store updates from time to time. Easiest solution is the drag the existing installed version of the app to the Trash, then re-install.

I did it…
same situation

Quick question following this version update. Please excuse me if this is basic question but ever since I updated, when I start a new Draft and say paste text (from a Tweet) into the Draft, it immediately treats like it like Markdown text and not Plain Text as it did before. I’ve tinkered with several settings but I just cannot past text into a black Draft without it appearing as Markdown. Any clues on how resolve this please would be much appreciated?

There is a new preference in Settings > HTML called “Paste HTML as Markdown”. If you do not like this behavior, you can disable it there. Related docs (also linked above).

You can also override this with actions if you sometimes want this behavior and sometimes not. See:


Most grateful! Thank you very much - working as before now :+1:

solved installing Ventura 13.3…