Drafts 37 released: Airtable Integration, Markdown Updates

Drafts 37.0 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


Airtable Support

Drafts now includes support for integration with Airtable, the online database service. Integration consists of a simplified Airtable action step to create records, as well as full access to the Airtable API via scripting.

For details and sample actions, see our Airtable integration guide.


The included MultiMarkdown parser has been updated to v6.6.3 (from v6.2), and is better integrated to include future updates. In addition, the MultiMarkdown script object has new functions for working with metadata in MultiMarkdown front matter.

GitHub Markdown

The parser used to provide GitHub Flavored Markdown output has changed and is now the cmark-gfm library used by GitHub. This change should improve compatibility and performance but does affect available options and HTML output somewhat. If you rely on specific options, please review Markdown Settings

Other Additions, Changes, and Updates

  • All Platforms
    • New: The editor auto-match feature now also matches backticks (``), and angle brackets (<>).
    • New: “Modern” HTML Preview template, plus tweaks to the CSS of the other default preview template styles.
    • Change: Change the background email provider used by the Mail action step when “Send in Background” is enabled. This change resulted from several unplanned outages caused by the previous provider but should otherwise be an invisible change.
    • Fix: Case where a non-Pro user could get a workspace load error on cold start.
    • Markdown syntaxes better recognize trailing # when using a # Heading # format style.
    • Fix: Use of {{clipboard}} in Mustache templates could fail because it was not fetched on the main thread.
    • New: HTTP object has new followRedirects boolean property, which defaults to true. If set to false, requests will not automatically follow 301/302 redirect responses.
  • iOS
    • New: “Customize Keyboard Bar” option now available in editor settings (Aa) to allow disabling the new actions in the iPad keyboard shortcut bar for people who prefer the system default behaviors for the keyboard shortcut bar.
  • Mac
    • Fix: In some cases the capture window would not properly restore it’s size and location after a restart of the app.
    • Fix: Focus filters on Ventura were interfering with “Show main window on launch” preference.
    • Fix: Case where launching the app with dark appearance, with side panels closed, would prevent search fields above lists from taking on proper dark appearance.
    • Fix: Changes to resolve a weird layout crash in Quick Search only on the Mac.
  • *Apple Watch
    • Change: Tweaks to Apple Watch complication appearance to better fit in with system complications.

Just in case it’d be informative/interesting/useful to anyone else, I happened to publish a GitHub Gist last fall of the MultiMarkdown syntax source, which I’ve just updated per this Drafts version and the diff view of the two versions offers an interesting visual of what’s changed.

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This update isn’t a good one for those who write in Portuguese. We have a signal called “crase → `” that marks the combination of an article and a preposition.

It would be nice to add a “per sign” autocomplete, so we’ll be able to keep all signs but " ` ".

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On Mac, if you change the app icon colour, it observes the change when running, but when app is quit, it reverts to the standard dark blue. Not a major issue for me. Just thought I’d flag if not expected behaviour. And yes, I’m no longer on a High Sierra iMac and am getting nosebleeds and whiplash from the speed of an M2. Back on desktop Drafts. Yippee. :grinning:

That is the expected behavior. macOS does not have APIs to make permanent changes to the app icon, only the appearance in the Dock when the ap is running.

OK. No worries. Thanks for the info.

Same problem for French… I can’t type anymore the accented characters with a grave accent… :cold_sweat:. Would be great if it were possible to disable this feature (but only for backticks).