Drafts 32.1 Released - "Create Draft" action step + fixes

Drafts 32.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


  • New: “Create Draft” action step. Supports creation of new draft with content and tags/flagged status, syntax assigned, without the need for scripting. (Docs)
  • Fix (iPad): Tweaks to some layout issues with floating and external keyboards on iPad.
  • Fix: Gmail action step body was not being generated properly, resulting in blank emails being sent.
  • Fix (Mac): “Configure Window” action step not saving changes of some values.
  • Misc. under-the-hood refactoring.

The “Create Draft” action step seems very useful. However, when I include it as a step (the first step, for what it’s worth) in an action, I get this error: “URL Error Draft not found for UUID or title”. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks.

I know the new Create Draft step makes it a little easier/more intuitive to use templates compared to this solution. However, the ability to use the “<|>” placeholder was quite handy in that set up. Are there any plans to bring similar functionality to the “native” template commands so it could be used in the new action step? For the avoidance of doubt, I mean run the new Create Draft step/action, and the cursor would go to a specified point you determined within the step.

I am also getting the same error here. I am unable to understand what is going wrong here.

Are you updated to the latest release? You should not be getting this error if you are on version 32.1.1.

It seems to be working now. When I checked my version, it is indeed 32.1.1. Thanks @agiletortoise