Drafts 28.1 Released - Bug fixes

Drafts 28.1 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:

What’s New

See the Drafts 28 Release Notes for new stuff - this is a bug fix release.


Bug fix release addressing a few issues in release 28:

  • General
    • Change: Improve efficiency of workspace count calculations for widgets to avoid an issue that could result in a blank widget in some configurations.
    • Change: Internal link previews now only work on iOS 15 to workaround issue that conflicted with use of cut/copy/paste menu.
    • New: “Process Template” shortcut action which takes a template and draft and runs the text through the Drafts template engine to expand tags (like [[body]], [[title]], etc.)
    • Fix: Prevent case where sending file to share extension would not capture content, or duplicate content.
    • Change to find/replace regular expression configuration to support replacement of positive lookahead constructs.
    • Fix: Case where an internal link by title could find drafts that had the query title string in some place other than the first line.
    • [[hashtags]] template tag should replace spaces in tags with “-”.
    • availability property of Event object should be a read/write property, not read only.
    • Address several VoiceOver issues.
  • iOS-Watch Only
    • Fix: Add keyboard shortcuts (⌘-, option-⌘-,) back for Settings/Preferences and Editor Settings/Preferences.
    • Fix-Watch: Background scheduling crash
  • Mac Only
    • Fix: Issue re-showing action bar if it was hidden.
    • Fix: Issue configuring widgets on macOS 11 (Big Sur).
    • Fix: Last line in action script editor clipping.