Drafts 25 Mac changing encoding?

As of the update, Quotes and other things like dashes and apostrophes get rendered with the annoying alternate characters that dopes like me don’t know what to call exactly. Ex. “Swedish model” is rendered ““Swedish model””


Is there some preference that the update defaulted to that is something I definitely don’t want or is this a bug?


I should add that this is when using the previously perfect Dark-Light Preview action in the Mac version.

When I use the preview function in iOS 14.3 Drafts 25, there is NO character problem!

Try this preview action. Better?

This Preview “looks” exactly like the one on my Action Bar so I imported it a “new” action instead of a replacement.

Apparently the one in my action bar is really the same as what is labelled “Dark-Light Preview” in my Action LIST

Interestingly your new version of Preview fixes my issue. Which still remains with my “Dark-Light” Preview.

I guess I will go into the Edit function to see the difference between them.

Also, there is an action in the Markdown Action Group called “Markdown Preview-Basic” that ALSO has my problem.

All of this in Drafts 25 update on Mac only. iOS version is fine and did not change.