Drafts 20 Released - Cross-linking Drafts + Typewriter Scrolling

I use “” to find things like this. For example “- [ ]” works well.

Inside of [[s: syntax?

Doesn’t need to be in a double bracket [[s: search… you should be able to enter “- [ ] do asap” in the search field above the drafts list…

Sure - but what I am trying to do is use the wiki links syntax to jump directly to a specific line of a draft that includes a task. Before that I am using an action to collect all tasks in active projects which should in a final step write the wiki syntax for every open task In a new draft.

So something like

Project 1

  • [ ] task a. [[s:search definition a]]
  • [ ] task b. [[s:search definition b]]

Ah. I see. A wiki-link (as they’re natively defined) only addresses a draft, rather than a location within that draft.

That said, if you haven’t already seen the conversation here => New and Better- Question about Drafts Capabilites [[links]] you might find what you’re looking for…