Drafts 19.1 (iOS + macOS) Released

Drafts 19.1 has been released in the App Store, details below.

iOS Notes

  • New: Contextual (long press) menu on “Aa” appearance button for changing themes and syntax.
  • Change: Improved keyboard navigation in find panel.
  • Change: Custom mouse-trackpad pointer states for buttons with contextual menu
  • Fix?: Possible fix for crash at start for a few users on 13.4, related to enabling pointer hover states.
  • Change: A few minor UI tweaks, like improved separators in drafts/actions lists.

macOS Notes

  • Change: Improved keyboard navigation in and initial positioning of find panel.
  • Change: Make insertion point more prominent in the editor.
  • Fix: “Send to Drafts” service should open the draft created when run.
  • New: Reset sync state button in preferences. Used only for resolving certain sync issues when recommended by support.
  • Fix?: Possible fix for issue where merge function in draft list contextual menu would stop functioning after the app had been running for a while.
  • Fix: Exporting a file from Run AppleScript editor should export with .applescript file extension.
  • Fix?: Possible fix for case where quick search can get stuck beach balling for some users.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


still only showing version 19

Will try latter

thank you for all your hard work!