Drafts 15.1 (iOS) Released

Drafts 15.1 (iOS) is now available in the App Store, details below.

NOTE: In case you missed it, catch up on the big changes for iOS 13 in the release 15.0 notes.

  • Change: Apple Watch now requires watchOS 5.0 or greater.
  • New: File Draft shortcut action which can update folder, tags and flagged status of draft without affecting content. Details
  • Fix: Create Draft shortcut was not allowing selection of the new draft as a return value. The draft created is now available as a variable for use in subsequent actions in the shortcut.
  • Fix: Better handling of dark mode switching on iOS 12.
  • Fix: Landscape editing on iPhone did not take notch into account properly.
  • Change: “Backup Now” option for drafts now prompts for destination, rather than automatically saving to iCloud Drive.
  • Fix: Several minor layout issues.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog

Thanks for this. The special toolbar keys above the keyboard still continue to reappear even if hide keys is selected at some point after the app hasn’t used in awhile. This started with version 15.

I am aware of this issue and working on it. It’s a weird one to troubleshoot because it does not happen in debugging builds, only in release builds.

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