Drafts 15.0 (macOS) Released

Drafts 15.0 (macOS) is now available in the Mac App Store, details below.

Actions Coming Soon

We are hard at work on a release of Drafts for Mac with full support for the automation actions available on the iOS version of Drafts. This version is expected to go into beta soon after this release. Details when they are ready.

Related Updates

Along with this update, we will also be launching new User Guide and Scripting Reference websites, dramatically improving the available Drafts support documentation. Please visit these sites for more information and, if you haven’t yet, create an account at the Drafts Community to keep up with the latest news, tips and more.

Workspaces & Draft List

  • Default Workspace. This is a special workspace that stores the preferred default settings for the draft list, and is applied when filters are cleared. This way, if you have workspaces that applies sort or display settings, clearing the list filters will also reset those back to your preferred default settings. The default workspace can be configured like any other workspace in the workspace manager. Workspaces are a Pro feature, but the default workspace is available in the free version. Details
  • "Show Date" display option for drafts list and workspaces. Hide/show the date in the list. Along with other display settings, this allows everything but the draft title to be removed, for the minimalists out there.

Dictation (macOS 10.15 only - Available in October)

New custom dictation interface, similar to that available on the iOS version of Drafts, with support for:

  • Creation of new drafts, or inserting text at the cursor location.
  • Selection of locale/language from any language supported by Siri dictation.
  • Optional automatic timeout to commit changes after a period of silence.
  • /dictate URL scheme supported, see docs for details.
  • See documentation for more details


  • New: Add focus mode toggle button in editor (bottom row). Focus mode disables the new draft creation timeout. Details
  • New: Add “Launch in focus mode” preference.
  • Change: Markdown preview windows now maintain scroll position when updating content and enforce a minimum size. Using Previews
  • Fix: Markdown syntax definitions did not handle reference link properly.
  • *Change: All default Markdown styles (Basic, Swiss, Foghorn) now support dark mode in CSS.
  • Change: Updates to Find window, allowing multiple line texts and treating whitespace escape characters properly (\n, \t) in regular expression mode.
  • New: Extensions tab in preferences, to allow configuration of share extension options.
  • Change: If a selection is present in the editor, the character / word counts at bottom right now include a selection character count as well.
  • Fix: Issue preventing Handoff from working properly from Mac to iOS.
  • Fix: Improve markdown header recognition in syntax highlighting definitions to allow # in header text.
  • Change: File > Copy and Share menu items now work when draft is open in separate window.
  • Change: “Backup Now” in Preferences > Backup now prompts for save location rather than saving to iCloud Drive.
  • New: Bulk export options in context menu of draft list to allow export of selected drafts as JSON, CSV or text file.
  • Change: Better handling of restore purchase process to help avoid confusion about the fact that you can’t restore iOS purchases on the Mac.
  • Fix: Preview windows now have minimum window size.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


Should we upgrade from the Beta?

If you were only on the beta for early access, then probably yes. If you were there to beta test and provide feedback on features and report bugs, there will be more betas. Up to you.

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