Drafts 13 (macOS) Released

Drafts 13 (macOS) is now available in the Mac App Store, details below.

What’s New

  • New: Capture window will float over other full screen apps and generally behaves more nicely with other apps.
  • New: Arrange mode now supports arranging by sentence in addition to blocks and lines. This feature requires 10.14 (Mojave).
  • New: Right-click context menu commands in arrange mode to allow access to move to top-bottom and duplicate commands.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Change: Alpha sort tags when displayed in draft list.
  • Fix: Preview characters would not match text size when using some Asian language input methods.
  • Fix: Drafts should not prevent shutdown when running.
  • Fix: If main window is visible but minaturized to dock, re-open it when clicking on Dock icon.
  • Fix: Do not re-open main window just when becoming the active app (e.g. via cmd-tab switching)
  • Fix: Crashing bug when moving certain selections of drafts to a different folder, depending on specific sequence selecting them.
  • Fix: Do not show main window re-activating app if floating draft window was already open.
  • Fix: Displayed modified date not updated in draft list when changes made to a draft.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog