Drafts 13 (iOS) Released

Drafts 13 (iOS) is now available in the App Store, details below.

  • New: Arrange mode now supports arranging by sentence in addition to block and line. This feature requires iOS 12.
  • Change: Disable auto-list capitalization until I can find another approach which is compatible with third party keyboards - which get stuck in captilization mode.
  • Fix: Hopefully a workaround for issue where display of text, particularly in code blocks, turns to garbage characters with certain specific text and font combinations.
  • Fix: Displayed modified date not updated in draft list when changes made to a draft.
  • Change: Alpha sort tags when displayed in draft list.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog

when I go into the App Store under the Apple Menu, and go into the App Store, it does not show.


This is iOS. Sounds like your checking on a Mac?

is there a way in the app to check for updates automatically? I will redownload the new version, because there doesn’t seem to be an update file,



Hi Barry - When I downloaded the Testflight latest on iOS my Mac version of drafts asked to be closed for updating. Now if I go to Workspaces it asks for my Drafts Pro subscription - restore purchases does not work.

It can take a little while to propagate to different app stores around the globe. It may just be pending release for some.

Did you go pro in the app store version or the TestFlight version? Because subscriptions only work for app store versions. Subscriptions made on TestFlight versions I believe are not really processed.

Might be worth checking your subscriptions and that your Mac and iOS versions are inline.

go it to download. I just need to be more patient


OK - Checked the subscription on both iOS and Mac OS - next renewal date is April 2020 (yearly). But, on the Mac side - in Drafts ‘restoring purchase’ does not work. -Gr8Whitenorth

Mac and iOS App Stores are completely separate. You can only restore purchases on the platform you made the purchase. Drafts has it’s own sharing mechanism implemented through iCloud. If you are using App Store versions of the app (not Betas), and your data is syncing, then your subscription should sync as well. You may need to quit and relaunch the app to force it to check on status if you have a recent purchase or renewal.

I made the purchase on the ios app store. If I type a new draft on ios is shows up on my Mac desktop version. On the Mac side - edit workspaces is marked ‘Pro’ and currently won’t work. It is fishing for my Pro Subscription. Gr8WhiteNorth

Did you relaunch the app to force it to re-check the subscription?

I deleted the Mac app and redownloaded.
Just tried quitting and restarting - no change.

Please open a support ticket using the “send feedback” link in the help menu.

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