Drafts 12 (iOS) Released

Drafts release 12 (iOS) is now available in the App Store, details below.

What’s New

  • New: HTML Preview action steps now have a share button. Allows sharing of the raw HTML generated by the preview, but also the ability to copy as rich text and print.
  • New: HTML Preview step editing now has import and export options to load templates from files, and “Reset” button replacing buttons which set the default styles.
  • New: Badge notification settings now allow badge count to be based on a selected workspace’s inbox only. This allow greater control over which drafts should be considered unprocessed for purposes of the badge count. If a workspace is selected, other filtering options are disabled.
  • New: New “default tags” setting for Share extension to create initial tag assignments for share extension captures. These default tag assignments can be overriden in the share extension, but will be assigned by default in any new share. Set the default tags in Settings > Extensions > Share extension.
  • New: Watch app “default tag” setting can now take a comma-separated list of default tags, not just one.
  • New: Display device (iPad, Mac, iPhone) along with created, modified dates in draft detail. Allows referencing whether a draft was created or last modified on iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • New: Track the device action is executed on (iPad, iPhone, etc) and display in action log.
  • New: Version script object to access a draft’s version history. Can be useful for comparing or exporting past versions.
    • Access version history of draft via draft.versions.
    • Script creation of a new version with draft.saveVersion()
    • Version object reference

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Fix: Resolve occasional issue where launching to search from the Today widget would fail.
  • Fix: Better handling of sync changes which trash/delete drafts which are loaded in the editor.
  • Change: Add anylist:, googlechrome: URL schemes to whitelist for link mode support.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


This may be user error, but even though MAS shows Drafts in its current (12) version, I only have the option to “Open” (taking me to 11.0.10) rather than “Update.” Neither does it show as available in my Updates section of the App Store. Does it just take a little while before it shows up for all users?

Just hit Command-R for a refresh. This should get you to “Pending”, or better yet available.

Not sure why Apple has pending as an update state, except perhaps to balance server loads.


Thanks! That did the trick. Also, @agiletortoise, just realized I posted in wrong OS thread. Will not repeat!

I like the Share function on preview. Excellent! It shares the rich text to Evernote.

Feature request: As it stands the preview is effectively a terminal step . It would be great if subsequent action steps could be added that would process the formatted text.