Draft to DEVONthink To Go with a colon in first line results in empty item

When I sent a draft to DEVONthink To Go as an MD file via URL scheme everything comes up fine as long as the first line/paragraph does not contain a colon. In the case of a colon only the title and the metadata get to DEVONthink To Go, the Markdown text item itself is empty.

It is not the title which has any trouble with the colon. I checked that out because I had been stripping the title of Markdown characters anyway and additionally removed the colon too but to no change.

I don’t know on which end something is not working properly (or is it me again?) but as I had to start asking somewhere I start here.

@suavito what is the URL you are using to share to DTTG?

I was able to use a colon in the first line of the draft for the title and kept in the body in my create markdown URL scheme for DTTG. I can try recreating the action to see if it works for me if you give me the URL you are using.

Drafts uses MultiMarkdown.

MultiMarkdown looks for colons in the first lines as meta data definitions and converts them to HTML meta tags. Which DTTG is probably ignoring.

You can disable this in script with the MultiMarkdown script object, but I haven’t gotten around to exposing MultiMarkdown options as settings for the default in the app yet.