Draft shows up across all workspaces

New to Drafts (I did try it a few years ago but couldn’t get it working with my current workflow), back at it again. I don’t think this is an issue as

When I create a new draft, even if I assign to to a specific ‘Workspace’ that draft still remains in all other workspaces. Are the Inbox, Flagged, Archives, All - shared across all Workspaces? I would expect only those drafts to show up in their assigned workspaces.

I have not introduced any tags at this point.


Workspaces are basically filters that show all drafts matching them

If you’re workspaces don’t have any filters and you just use different names, they will show the same drafts. Same applies if you have workspaces with the same filter settings

It all makes sense now, couldn’t figure out why there was Inbox, Flagged, etc in each workspace. I was looking it workspaces as actual folders not predefined filters.

In case this helps in any further clarity…

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