Draft gets moved to Archive after applying action, how to stop that?

Hi all, I’m just getting my feet wet customizing Drafts and am blown away by the capabilities of the app, and the community of contributors making it even more powerful.
One thing I’ve been trying to figure out how to do is to hide completed tasks. After some searching it seems this is not possible. So I experimented with some actions that move completed tasks to the end of the draft. However, whenever I apply any of these actions—I’ve tried 3, including “Archive Tasks” (Archive Tasks | Drafts Directory)—the draft disappears from the inbox and goes into the archive section. This is not what I want to happen. Am I missing a preference or something?
EDIT: This is happening on both iOS and Mac.

Sounds like you have after success options configure to move the drafts, either on the actions themselves, or on the action group they are installed in. See link for details.

You are absolutely right! It was set to “Default” which is apparently set to archive. I fixed it for the action in question, but is it possible to change the default behavior for all actions?
Thank you!

As noted above, they are set at the action level, or for a group of actions at the action group level.

Think of the default as always being do nothing, then it looks at the action group where you can set it to override that for it’s actions, and then at the action level to override both of those for that specific action.

Got it. I guess the Basic action group’s default is to archive after success then!

The “Basic” group default is “Do Nothing” in a new install, but entirely possible you unintentionally changed it poking around. Feel free to change it back.