Draft arrow navigation is disabled after editing a draft

Navigating through drafts in a workspace list, using arrows on the external keyboard, is extremely useful. I love it.

When going through the list, sometimes I edit one of the drafts. When I hit cmd-enter to finish editing, the arrow key navigation stops working. I can’t seem to get it back.

Holding down the cmd key provides a clue. Before editing, the arrow key shortcuts appear in the popup of available shortcuts. After editing, they don’t.

I assume you are pinning the draft list when doing this?

Keyboard command vary depending on which view is currently focused. Obviously the arrow keys do different things when the editor is focused then when the draft list (or action list) is focused.

iOS does not really have a good way to display focus - when the draft list is shown, it is focused, but if you have it pinned it gets a bit more complicated. Since you were using the editor, it is still focused. I’ve played with making better assumptions about focus when pinned, but always ended up with undesirable side effects and shelved the effort.

If you did a quick ⌘-1 twice it would hide and show the list and re-focus it.

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