Does the new Apple watchOS announced today re-enable one-tap note dictation?

I’m hoping with Apple’s latest announcements comes an update to watchOS which will re-enable our ability to enter note dictation with a single tap. Previously, the default behavior has been changed to text input or scribble keyboard, with no way to change the default, nor remember one’s previous selection. Does anybody know how to tell whether the new WatchOS promises single taps of joy?

Sorry no, not at this time. It’s a two tap process.

Definitely submit feedback to Apple about this…the more they get, the more likely they are to notice. I don’t see any changes related to text input in the update, however.

Seems super odd to me that they won’t at least support remembering the last used method to default to - that’s how it worked when they first introduced the keyboard in 8.0, but then they changed it in 8.1