Does anyone one have a new Spark Mail action?

I added the ones that were in the directory, and one worked on the iPhone, but none of them are working on MacOS. I’m not sure what I need to change. Any help would be great. Best - Tom

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Is Spark your default mail client? If so, just use a mailto: based action. I’m not so sure they support their custom URL schemes in their Mac version.

Okay, that worked. Now, to get Spark to read markdown. I used the Email Spark (Markdown) action, but it did not convert it. I think that is a Spark issue. Ideas?

I’d love to know this as well. The new version of Spark so far doesn’t have its own URL scheme, and most of my previous actions are broken. So far what I’ve been doing is copying my draft as rich text and pasting it into Spark, but that is far from ideal.

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