Doctor Drafts - Can You Help Beta Test this Update?

Hi everyone. In the An Alfred Workflow for Drafts thread, @jstavers1 noted a discrepancy around Python instructions. As a result I’ve been poking around today at resolving this. Not only by creating a set of detailed Python 3 install instructions, but also by trying to force the workflow (based on how Alfred workflows work) into being more forgiving.

The result is as well as what I hope is a straight forward and rigorous(?) set of install instructions I have now also overhauled the underlying scripting :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’ve effectively inserted a shim into what was there already to try and handle things more gracefully. But, as a result, I am a little concerned I may be inadvertently breaking things for other users who have different set ups. I would rather not do that, but I also cannot possibly test all of the possible working variations that might be in use out there.

Therefore I’d like to reach out to anyone who would be willing to give this new workflow revision a whirl before I release it (the plan is before the end of the month) and feedback on any issues they find, or even if it is working.

There were changes throughout a very wide range of flows, so testing as many of the more advanced flows would be incredibly helpful.

For anyone who knows their way around Python installations better than I do, which is a pretty low bar, a draft copy of the new instructions with the Python 3 installation guidance is also available.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can spare a few minutes to try this out and feed back.

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No feedback was provided so I have pushed the update out a little blind on this one. Hopefully it is going to work for everyone.