Dock icon for inbox count occasionally disappears


I’ve enabled badge icon for inbox count on my Mac, but sometimes the badge would disappear. The issue can be temporarily fixed by going to Drafts preferences, disabling and re-enabling “Display inbox count on dock icon”.

I haven’t been able to identify a way to reliably reproduce the issue, but apparently it only happens when Drafts is re-launched after being quit, e.g. after a reboot.

macOS version: 12.0.1(21A559)
Drafts version: 30.0.1 (24)

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Will keep an eye out for this issue. Have not seen it myself or had other reports, does it happen a lot? Definitely let me know if you find a way to reproduce.

I’d estimate it happens around 2–3 times per week. It’s hard to discern any patterns, but I’d definitely post here if I could reliably reproduce.

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