Display only parts of a draft

I have a draft with a set of numbered items–one is shown below. Immediately below each numbered item is a tabbed item (the word “TRUE” below). I would like to be able just to display just the numbered items (without the tabbed ones). Is there a way to do that? I am using Drafts on my Mac.

  1. True or false? Good arguments are based on “some very basic rhetorical patterns that most of us use on a daily basis.”

You could write an action to process the content to display what you want in a dialog window, web view (HTML prompt), or new draft. You can’t hide content in the draft - you have to generate something new from the source.

I have never written an action. How complicated would it be to write an action do what I am asking about?

Sounds sort of like you might be trying to create something Flashcard-like? You might be able to work with some of the actions other have already created for that application:

(there are some others that push to Flashcard apps, etc.)

I wrote a small action to create a review/checklist prompt.

The note looks like this:

# Checklist: Notation, notation, notation

> A software architecture diagram review checklist

[Structurizr - Help - Diagram review](https://structurizr.com/help/diagram-review) |   
[Printable PDF version](https://c4model.com/assets/software-architecture-diagram-  review-checklist.pdf)

## General

- [ ] Does the diagram have a title?
- [ ] Do you understand what the diagram type is?
- [ ] Do you understand what the diagram scope is?
- [ ] Does the diagram have a key/legend?

## Elements

- [ ] Does every element have a name?
- [ ] Do you understand the type of every element? (i.e. the level of abstraction; e.g. software system, container, etc)
- [ ] Do you understand what every element does?

I shared the actual state of my action here https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1bx
Feel free to critique (I guess a abort action would be grest).