Dismiss Keyboard on iOS

Hi @agiletortoise , Hi @sylumer ,

is there a simple way to dismiss the keyboard if the cursor is active in search on the left or right panels on ios?

my problem is, that the list view of tags or actions are hidden behind the active keyboard.

This might be an apple issue. I am not sure about it.

Think of a tag “watch” that is the last entry in the left pane but hidden behind my active keyboard.

Work around at the moment is to enter a valid search entry (“wa” and get the tag list to be shorter than the available screen height - keyboard height.

If I switch to the Apple keyboard (not my daily driver on iPhone) I can reproduce what you see. The keyboard obscures the last few lines, but I think different keyboards can actually obscure different amounts. If I tap the “done” key it dismisses the keyboard for me and I can then see the full set and scroll them just fine.

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I tried the (x) button beside the search field.

It does not dismiss the keyboard in the tag filter.

In the drafts filter (e.g. Inbox) the (x) Button right of the search field dismisses the keyboard

Just hit “Done” on the keyboard and the keyboard dismisses.

Not very intuitive, though.

I am so silly.

Yes that works.