Discussion setting when posting to Wordpress

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When I use the Wordpress New Post action it posts fine but the discussion checkbox is set to not allow comments. I’ve asked Wordpress about it and they said it was down to the external editor. I’m not sure I am convinced but has anyone else encountered this problem?

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Drafts WordPress action step does not explicitly set a comment status, so posts created using it should respect the default comment settings of your site (in WordPress Admin > Settings > Discussion).

Is that not the behavior you are seeing?

I believe comments can be enabled/disabled via the XML-RPC interface used by Drafts to communicate with WordPress, but would require a scripted action to do so currently.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Comments are enabled generally on posts to my blog from within WordPress. It’s just when I post from Drafts that that option is unchecked in the individual draft post on Wordpress. I seem to remember hearing something about it being a security thing on their side when using an external auditor but they claimed to have no knowledge of that when I checked with them again recently.

Looks like, based on the docs, the “comment_status” flag needs to be send to WordPress to force it to enable comments on a new posts.

Below is an example scripted action that includes that setting, and uses the first line of the draft as title, the rest as the post body:

Fantastic. Thanks Greg, you’re a star.