[Discussion] publishing to (any) discourse forum from drafts

beeing a extensive Discourse Forum user (and lover of the software) Iwas wondering if anyone has figured out a good way to use Drafts as a repository to compose and manage articles from inside Drafts.

I have seen some reference of it in @sylumer s Tadpole library but could not yet find a compact write up to set up my own system for it.

Any input oe directions for that task?

cheers. andreas

Those are generally ones I use for helping me write longer responses in Drafts. After that I just copy and paste.

I figured to was quicker to toggle apps than drill down to identify a particular forum, thread and response and then trigger a response to that. Because of that I never looked into doing anything more with it than just helping me write.

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I agree that copy and paste might be the best simplistic way of doing it.

The API seems to be quite broad and well documented:

A quick example like this


shows that information is JSON based and could be easily processed in script actions in Drafts.

Maybe I would start with a Drafts triggered search to be included in my help action I am playing with these days.