Diffs and LLM Text

Recently, I’ve taken to writing the first draft of text in Drafts and I then I feed it to ChatGPT for grammatical corrections or even rewrite. Some changes I can pickup easily and some are harder to spot. As a recovering Software Developer, I would like to run a diff. Ideally one that finds character/word level differences and ignores white space. Has anyone found an elegant way to do this?

Ideally I would this inside Drafts. However, since that is a big, ask I will settle for any solution that doesn’t have shelling $$ for yet another tool.

Perhaps this action is useful…

Wow, that is a great tool.

My supplementary question may bump into a limit of Mergely. In an ideal world I would cherry pick differences to create a 3rd new thing. Sometimes the LLM would make changes that would remove my voice, when my intention is to improve grammar and tighten phrasing.

Does my cherry picker exist or do I want magic?

Crazy followup - is it possible to use an external diff tool like BeyondCompare on the Mac? It supports the cherry picking merge process.

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I usually add to the correction prompt something like “Explain to me in detail any change you have made.”

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That’s clever as far as it goes. The funny problem since it really is just a random generator, we don’t know whether what is says is true, even with your supplementary prompt.