Different Action Groups on iPad and iPhone

Since there is much more screen space on the iPad than on the iPhone for the keyboard action row I would like to organize my actions in fewer but larger action groups. For example, my 20 most used actions easily fit on the iPad screen without horizontal scrolling in the keyboard row, whereas on the iPhone I split them across multiple action groups.

Thus, I would love to differentiate not only between MacOS and iOS if a given action group is shown, but also between iPhone and iPad devices within iOS.

If that is not possible for technical reasons, another option would be to enable or disable entire action groups in workspaces and then simply switch between the iPhone and iPad workspace when working on different devices.

Let me know if there is some workaround that makes this possible currently. Thanks for this great application and this great forum!


I was recently thinking about this same scenario and feature request! I’d also be interested in ideas.

  1. Put your actions outside of any keyboard row action group - this will give more flexibility and avoid the overhead on maintaining duplicate actions.
  2. Create a keyboard row action group for iPad and iPhone for each differentiated set of actions you want to use. You could use emoji at the start of the names to help differentiate them, or use Drafts’ inbuilt icons.
  3. For each action you want to include in those device specific groups, create an alias (just an action that includes the original) that effectively links to and runs the original action - thus just one place to update and maintain the action for both groups.
  4. Create a workspace for one of your devices and associate the desired keyboard row action group. Consider the same emoji/icon convention here too.
  5. Duplicate the workspace. Modify it to match the emoji/icon and keyboard row action group for the device.

The downside to this workaround is you will always see the variations on each platform, but you should be able to filter/distinguish between them, and can have the actions and workspaces just how you want them with minimal duplication of settings, code, etc.

Maybe this will be worth you exploring further?

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