Dictation with AirPods 2.Gen

Can you dictate (New or Insert action) with the new AirPods (2.Gen) instead of using the normal microphone? Any experience available. It doesn’t seem to work with my setup (XS Max + 2Gen AirPods)

It works normally! What’s the problem you face ?

I could get dictate to work, however on the Airpods after about 30-40 sec (or whatever the limit Apple has build into the system) recording stops and my Spotify music starts to play on the earphones.

Continuous dictation works fine if you do not have AirPods connected?

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I had similar problem with @us40489.
iPhone XR
Headset: plantronics Voyager 3200

When I try Drafts dictation with iPhone microphone, it works.
When I try Siri and iOS dictation through keyboard microphone mark with the headset, it also works.
But when I try Drafts dictation with the headset, it doesn’t work.

I tried it with English and Japanese. The situation is the same for both language.
When I talk twice slower than the first trial, somehow it catches some of the content.
For instance, when I talk to Drafts as “I’m trying dictation,” it catches as “I know.”
Something would intervene in between and my voice should have been delivered to it not clearly.
It makes me difficult to use Drafts, it would try to understand what I say though.