Dictation time-limited now?

Running Drafts 28.1 on iOS 15 on a iPhone Xs Max. Dictation (i.e., “insert” from the extended keyboard) used to run without a time limit, but now it seems to be time-limited like the standard system dictation key.

Maybe you invoke not the right screen?

Or I did not get the issue… the microphone on the keyboard is Apples timed implementation.

Create new draft by dictation is another button.

The editing action group’s “Insert Dictation” (shown as a microphone icon and “insert” on the action bar) calls Drafts’ own dictation feature. This ran for over a minute for me with a quick test (iOS15, iPhone 8+, Drafts 28.2 (32) Beta). Note, I also have mine set to"Timeout: None" as per the details provided by @Andreas_Haberle.

If you are getting the Drafts dictation, and have no timeout set, after how long are you finding it times out? Does it insert after the time out or does it simply stop and do nothing?

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Thanks for the replies on this. I have used this feature for a long time, and was indeed using Drafts feature, not the microphone on the system keyboard. I had it time out after a relatively brief period repeatedly. However, in using this today, it was back to the old behavior - no limit noted at all - I dictated for 17 minutes! You have to assume user error, which I of course doubt, but I have no other explanation. I appreciate the responses!

There have always been some cases where the system dictation can get a bit wonky - whether from network or other temporary problems.

On the bright side it seems Apple has lifted some of the timeout limitations in iOS 15, meaning better quality and less interruptions in the longer session.

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