Dictation on Mac not working.... (not picking up audio from microphone)

I have enabled microphone permissions for the Mac Drafts app, but it doesn’t appear to pick up any audio.

I am using the latest version of Drafts - Version 38.0.1 (242) and the latest MacOS (Ventura 13.3.1)
I went through the related documentation in the Drafts help section & tried re-installing Drafts but that didn’t help either.

I recorded a video to demonstrate what is happening:

What does your “Sound” preferences look like? Drafts should listen on whatever default mic is configured for the system - perhaps it is listening on a headphone mic or something else attached to the system and not hearing you properly.

If it gets as far as shown in your video without throwing an error, it’s not a permissions problem. The system has successfully told Drafts it’s listening on some audio input.

Any luck if you try with a different microphone?

Is system dictation working properly in text fields, or just in the standard Drafts editor?

Interesting, when I use a different mic input it works.
So I guess Drafts doesn’t like my Vocaster audio interface.
One workaround is to use the inbuilt Mac dictation function.
Otherwise it would be cool if I could specify the audio input for Drafts as oppose to using the default one

Before re-installing I was able to use the Drafts widget, but now it’s disappeared and I’m unable to add it. Any idea how to fix this? Maybe a restart will do the trick?

Probably reboot and the widget will re-appear. Sometimes the system doesn’t register them right on new installs.

Yes, specifying audio input would be a nice addition. Not sure it’s about Drafts, exactly, however. It’s using system AV frameworks to say “Listen on the default microphone” and it appears, at least, that is working without error - so even specifying it might have issues. Not sure.

Ok, but using the default microphone which I have set to the vocaster still doesn’t work with Drafts, whereas it does with Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

Dude im having this same issue and its so frustrating! I have to cut my headphones off to record a note - did you ever figure out how to fix this? I’ve tried with 3 different bluetooth mics

I have been doing some work on this, but it involved a complete rewrite of the dictation capture on Mac and it’s not ready for testing yet. Should be fixed in an update soon.

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This fix is in the v39.1 release, I would appreciate a confirmation that the microphone default selection is working now for anyone experiencing this issue.