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Is there any way to assign an individual language to a separate widget button on the iPhone? I would love to press eg button for dictating a new draft in English (US) or a separate button to dictate in a second language. This would be much faster than manually switching the language. Thank you for any ideas you may have.

Yes. You can create actions which open dictation to specific language, and actions can be attached to to the widget.

Here is an example for Italian:

The action uses the /dictate URL scheme in an Open URL step, like the below:


To choose language, the it-IT needs to be changes to the desired locale. The locale code is two characters for language, two for country - some examples ‘en-US’ (English/U.S.), es-MX (Spanish/Mexico), etc.

If you need help constructing the right locale, let us know what your are going for…can’t seem to find a reference list of those available right at the moment.

Thank you very much! Problem solved and time saved going forward! Xander

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I built an action to switch the languages inspired by your question: dictate multilingual | Drafts Directory

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