Dictating long text on Apple Watch

I am a new user of Drafts 5 (with subscription), and today I tired two time to dictate some longer (6 to 8 sentences) into my Apple Watch with the Drafts 5 App running.
Is there any time/length limit? Because out of nothing ofte some sentences the watch stopped to transcribe my spoken words and the only possibility I had was to click DONE or Cancel. I clicked DONE, but the screen was somehow frozen (could not scroll through the text), and the only possibility I had was to press „Cancel“.

I am using the 1st Gen Apple Watch.


Drafts on iOS has a special dictation interface that works around some of the limitations of Siri dictation, but that is not available on Apple Watch due to watchOS limitations.

Siri dictation will only allow for short dictation sessions. Apple does not publish an exact figure for the limit, but it’s between 30 and 45 seconds. It is also true that the dictation on the Watch happens all outside of the app process and is handled by watchOS. Drafts does not get any information about about the session until the done or cancel buttons are tapped.

Plan your Apple Watch usage according, especially with an older model. The watch’s processing and memory limitation can really be taxed by dictation on the 1 gen devices. Best to keep it to short reminders and quick notes.


Thank you for that information. In the future I will use my watch only for short transcriptions as you meant. Not a big problem, as I am new to that tool, I only wanted to reach the limits - thats why I did dictate a longer text.

Thank you!