Dictated text disappearing

I am a relatively new user to Drafts. In the recent past, I have had no problems dictating text to my iPhone. Today though I have experienced numerous instances in which long stretches of text will start disappearing. It almost looks like a backspace key has been hit and the speech that has just been rendered as text is deleted. Has anyone else been experiencing this behavior? Any idea if there is a simple fix? Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

I’ve not experienced it myself. But that’s not much of a sample size :wink:

How are you triggering the dictation? From Siri? From an action? From the press and hold menu option in a Draft?

Also, when it happens, is it being removed from draft, or is it lost from the dictation pop-up (from which you insert the text into the draft).

Knowing these sorts of things might offer up some ideas or at least an opportunity for other users to try an reproduce it i the same way as you are seeing it occur.

Thank you for responding. I have been able to reproduce the behavior using other apps so it is definitely not the Drafts app. With respect to triggering dictation, I am tapping the microphone on the keyboard so nothing fancy. I am now troubleshooting the dictation function. Thus far I have tried turning dictation off and then back on, resetting network settings, and a forced restart. I guess next I will try resetting all settings. Dictation was working really well yesterday evening. With the Drafts app I was able to easily dictate a 2548 word note. I was really looking forward to using Drafts today with dictation.

Thanks again for responding.

(iPhone 8plus running iOS 12.0.1)

Drafts actually does some clever stuff with it’s own use of dictation (rather than the one on the phone keyboard). It can dictate for far longer than the inbuilt iOS dictation on it’s own.

Maybe try this ‘Dictate New Draft’ action from the action directory - https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1DB. See if that gets you further on the dictation front.

Thanks! With that action, I did not lose any text. I just need to get the hang of using it and taking advantage of the pause function. I like to make 2,000 to 3,000 word notes as I try to talk through an idea. It did time out on me at one point with only 128 words _but _ I did not lose any text which is the most important thing for me right now. So I ended up creating a series of shorter notes rather than one long note. I guess I can merge them after I have exported them to Evernote. If I can get a low friction workflow with drafts I will go Pro. I am intrigued by the prospect of having Drafts on my Mac and that Beta is pretty tempting.

Thanks again for the help. I do appreciate it!

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