dictate and save audio file

hey guys, I enjoy using the Siri dictation feature. But sometimes, later Ron, I see that the transcription was not correct. By then, I have forgotten exactly what I was saying.

Also for example doctors, or lawyers, or engineers in the field, would benefit from being able to have the audio file saved.

Do you think there’s anyway of having the transcription done like normal, and then the audio file pulled and saved with in drafts?

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That is not currently a feature. Dictation is done on the fly and no audio file is created or saved.

Possible future feature, certainly, but not in the short term road map.

You may find that this app better-serves your specific needs in this instance.



The use case I can think of, if there is one, is to record a podcast episode or similar and then be able to publish a transcript.

I would want to record and keep a transcript. But also play back some audio and get a transcript.

But I don’t have a strong need for this.

As someone who is German, lives in Finnland but uses English words often and likes to audio journal about topics that have terms that might be hard to understand for the machine: transcription plus audio would be very nice in the many instances in which the transcription fails and produces unintelligible garbage. After some time has passed a bad transcription might mean important information is lost forever if there is no way to listen to the original recording. Just press record is great for that, but lacks lots of automation features which make drafts so valuable.

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The new transcription feature works great for this…record audio in Voice Memos or other app of your choosing, transcribe in Drafts later.


I guess that’s one way to do it. Thanks! I would be so happy, if a drafts draft would somehow support the idea of attachments, so that transcript and audio would stick together until I process them further.

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