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Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone has a fix for something that would speed up things for me. I often use Drafts as a quick inbox, but like to eventually file in specific Devonthink locations. While I have a variety of separate actions for particular destinations (which means my global inbox doesn’t get cluttered), I’d love to package these as a menu. In other words, once I have a note, an action that would give me quick set of choices of Devonthink destinations. Has anyone set up anything like this?

I had built a js prompt in Drafts for something like this a while back but it was very difficult to maintain over time and I eventually resorted to using just the global inbox again. If I ever try do it again I might create an external dictionary of group names and uuid’s in either a Drafts file or maybe datajar and then use a prompt in Drafts to select from list. Maybe someone has a better idea :thinking:

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I went down a similar path, but found relying on dictionaries too restrictive, and keeping them up-to-date a pain. I’ve got fairly flat organization in DEVONthink - a few databases with key groups, and usually single tags for more classification. So 6 or 8 locations are my favorites, and tags specify the rest. Hard-coding all the most common tag options was not worth the effort.

Now I have Hazel watch an iCloud folder (my desktop, actually) for files that have a name that matches the pattern
d#tag filename
where d is a single letter that denotes a database or group. Hazel parses the filename into variables that I pass to a filing script. That script (JavaScript) has a switch statement to connects the single-letter location code to explicit database and group names, then lets Hazel move the file to DEVONthink via an AppleScript. Subsequent scriptlets put the DEVONthink item link of the import-rated file in markdown format into a Drafts note (where I can grab it in iOS or on the Mac) and another script sends me a text message confirming the details of the import. So I’m maintaining essentially just v small dictionary in the JavaScript script that handles locations, but after that tags are entirely free form. I like that this works as I save docs to my desktop from Mac or iOS, and I get a link i can readily work with if foe]r instance I want to incorporate into other working project docs.

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Thanks all. Some good ideas here. I’m experimenting with using prompts for several usual places, but also the MD to DTTG action posted by @wonk71, which Sends markdown to DEVONThink To Go with prompts for Tags & Location. I’m trying to use a system of text expansion for a simple other locations (so “dt_st goes to my students folder, “dt_mee” to this years meeting folders, etc). I may find myself back dumping things in the inbox though in a few weeks :grinning: