Device Drafts count is different

The Drafts count on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac are different.

The difference is not static.

I capture and edit mostly on my iPhone.

How can I fix?

How are you counting? The badge number? Manually?

Is there any pattern at all? For example, which drafts are missing where.

Sync is usually very quick, so assuming you have no connection issues, is there any chance it could be something like you have a filter applied?

I’m using the badge number.

My iPad has 5 more Drafts than my iPhone. Drafts on my Mac has one less than my iPad.

iPad 343, Mac 342, iPhone 338.

My iPhone is my primary device for Capturing, Editing, Deleting

I have no idea which specific Drafts are missing or haven’t been deleted on the devices with the higher draft count.

No filters.

No connection issues.

I think the sync issue started sometime around the release of version 5.8 or 5.9