Deletion script request

Hi all,

I would like to create buttons (scripts) that would:

• delete everything in a draft from the cursor to the end of a draft

• delete everything from the beginning of a draft to the cursor

• delete the current line/paragraph

Thank you,
15,584 days

I think these do what you want and put the cursor in a reasonable place when they’re done. For safety, I’ve set them up so they don’t do anything if text is selected.

Delete from here to end:

Delete from here to beginning:

Delete this line:


Those all work great. Thank you very much!

15,584 days

Icons included, too!

Would it be possible to make a script that would copy the current line to the clipboard?

This might be a similar to the script that deletes the current line, and this one would copy it instead.

Many thanks!

16,454 days

In case it helps, the ThoughtAsylum - Export/Import/Share action group has a TAD-Copy Current Line(s) action that will copy the lines the cursor selection is on.