Deleting unused tags

Hi there, I’m new to this. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete an unused tag! Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

When you no longer have any drafts with the tag it should no longer be available. If you don’t see any, remember to check your trashed drafts. Until the expiry period is reached, or you manually remove it, the draft will remain there and the tag will remain available in your tag listing.

There is also a global operation if you tap the “Operations” button at the bottom of the draft list (iOS) to delete a tag - which simply removes it from any drafts that have it assigned.

Related to this, I think:

Is it feasible to run a query that returns a sorted list of tags?

And is it possible to rename a tag - such that all the taste items pick up the new tag name?

I’m thinking of tag curation - which is always a problem.

Go to the Action Directory, search for and download two actions from @agiletortoise:

Rename Tag
Draft Library Summary

I think they will provide the functionality you are looking for.

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The ThoughtAsylum action group has a few tag and info actions that could help in general tag curation too.


Select any of the action links to get a brief description of what the action does.

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