Deleting all notes

I just installed Drafts 5. I accidentally imported the Drafts 4 notes twice, so now I have two copies of each note. Is there a way to delete all notes, so I can redo the import?

I solved my own problem. I went into Settings > iCloud Sync, and deleted all iCloud data. I figured this was safe, because Drafts 4 syncs with Dropbox, so that data should be unaffected. Then I deleted and reinstalled Drafts 5. All the notes were gone, so I then reimported my notes from Drafts 4. Everything is fine now!

Tap and hold “Select” at the bottom left of the file list; this will select all the files in the current view. Tap “Operations” (bottoms right of file list) and tap “Trash”.

Hopefully you will not need it again now you have it sorted, but just in case.

Drafts 4 syncs with iCloud, too, but they are totally separate. Just for the record.

What you outlined are the correct steps to “start over”, however.