Deleted Drafts app re-appears in my Mac

Hi, I was trying to delete the Drafts app from my Mac. Every time I delete, it re-appears back in a few hours. I have installed the app from the App store.
I’ve tried different methods like the usual delete from the launcher, deleting from applications folder, deleting from System settings → General → Storage → Applications and delete from there. Used third party apps like AppCleaner, Raycast.
Can someone please help me.

Search your drive(s), where is Drafts installed? Can you ensure Drafts is removed in every place it might be triggered to run from? It should be in the standard Applications folder and deleting it should be all it takes.

Does it happen for any other apps?

Does it happen if your device is on, but disconnected from the Internet? I.e. Is it installing from somehere local rather than a new copy online each time?

Have you tried logging out of your account in the app store and back in again before deleting?