Delete old version(s) of a draft

A draft that I edit quite often. I’d like to be able to keep some old versions of it from specific dates for reference or restore, but I really don’t need ALL the other versions. So being able to select specific versions and just delete them from the list of available versions.

Also, would be nice to be able to add comment to a version.

Versions can be deleted. Swipe to left to show delete option. The next update will also have the ability to clear all versions for a draft.

No plans to add comments to versions. It’s not meant to be a real version tracker, just a lightweight safety net for restoring from accidental deletes, etc.

Not sure what your use case is, but if you need more control you might consider duplicating the draft and archiving previous revisions of the text along with certain tags or other identifiers in the draft text.

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Thank you for the reply. However, I’ve already tried swiping left on a draft version to bring up a delete option, but nothing happened. No delete option is revealed for me.

Weird. That must have broken at some point. Will fix before next update.

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