Delete a workspace? (Help a non-techie)

OK, it’s very late here and I’m probably overtired or just being stupid, but how do I delete a workspace? I’ve been poking around for ages, but can’t do it.

If you look at the drafts table (e.g. in inbox) simply click on the three dots on the top (right) you will see all the saved workspaces. Swipe left on the workspace you want to delete -> youll have the option to edit or delete it from here

Arrrgh! I tried that and it didn’t work, but now it does. I must be losing it …

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I had that as well during the beta testing, then noticed I wasn’t quite dragging in a horizontal line. On more than one occasio. I was actually accidentally initiating the drag and drop for the reordering.

Both were resulting in me not getting to the delete option.