Default Font in Apple Mail changes

I like to compose mail in Drafts and export it to Apple mail to send. I have Drafts and Apple Mail set to my preferred font, Avenir Next. Whenever I create an email from Drafts, the font in Apple Mail changes to Helvetica. I have to select all and change the font to Avenir Next. This is disruptive to my workflow, and I’m looking for a better solution. Is there a way to retain the font I was in Drafts when I port and email to Apple Mail? Thank you for your help.

What method/action are you using to send to Mail from Drafts? And on what platform (iOS/Mac)? There are some differences in the way the different methods are handled by Mail.

In this instance the workflow is MAC OS. I’m running on a 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro. OS is kept current (Monterey 12.6). I select Mail from the “Basic” group of action listed in the right rail when expanded. When selected it simply opens Apple mail and puts the text into the body of the email, but will only paste in as Helvetica right now. I would also like to know how this works in IOS as I use both iPads and Macs interchangeably. Thanks.

The default “Mail” action on macOS simply uses a mailto: URL to open a new message in your default mail client.

In Mail, that should open a new message, and that message should use whatever your default font preferences are configured for in the Mail app preferences. That is the behavior I get here in my testing.

If you use an example mailto: URL link and open in from Safari - like the below example, does it open the new message using your default font selections? It should. If not, this is not behavior that is in Drafts’ control.

Sample Mailto Link

I’m not exactly sure how to do what you suggested however, after right clicking on Mail, and going into edit, I was able to click the Mustache Template button. That put the the word [[body]] into the email body using the Apple Mail default I set up. I switched it back to Drafts Templates, tried it again, and now it works as expected. The default font in Apple Mail does in fact now act as the default! Problem solved. Thanks and thank you for your quick response. So you really are an"agiletortoise" : )