DeepL Translate

Inspired by this question I created an Action that uses the DeepL API to translate the content of a Draft.
The Action allows to select different target languages that are supported by DeepL.
You can decide if the translated text should be appended to the draft or the content should be completely replaced.

You need to register an account for the DeepL API (which is free for 500.000 characters per month.

Find all details in the description of the Action in the directory:


I spent some time trying to find the API key on my newly free account at DeepL, no way.
According to DeepL doc, it should be in account settings, but I cannot see it.

Any idea ?

Did you register on the API page of DeepL?

When I go to the account management page, then to the Account tab and scroll down I’ll see my API key.

Ooops, my fault.
I created a free account, but not a free “API account” as far as I understand.

Thanks for your help.

No worries - made the same mistake at the beginning :joy:

Just in case you didn’t know, DeepL translates selected text anywhere in your (desktop) system via shortcut Command-C Command-C (i.e. pressed twice in quick succession).

Doesn’t help in iOs, but of course there you enjoy OS-level translation.