Date Picker: Include week days?


Possibly silly question, but is it possible to create a date picker that includes the day of the week when switching the date? Similar to what shows when changing a task’s date in OmniFocus for iOS?



The Prompt documentation for Drafts lists the options available.

There’s nothing explicit listed for including the day of the week. But is also looks like OmniFocus is using a bespoke date picker given the inclusion of day of week and the buttons for clear, today and +1 day.

Right. I’ve read that. I had just hoped I missed something and there was another way to accomplish it. Thanks.

That is standard iOS behavior for “dateAndTime” mode. It’s not possible to include the day of the week if you are only asking for a date. So this would be the same as the picker in your screenshot:

let p = Prompt.create();
p.addDatePicker("d1", "Date", new Date(), {
   "mode": "dateAndTime"
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Thanks Greg. I can deal with including the time to get the day of the week. :smiley: I didn’t think to try that option, or that it would be connected to including a time picker.

Looking at time stamped customer data from weeks or months ago , I often wonder “what day of the week was 3 June?”

I could see myself using this function to answer just such a question - in an action I might build.