Date format customization

Hi, is there a way to customize the date format of the “insert date” button? Thank you!

The insert date button will be an action.

Actions can be customised in numerous ways, and there is easy formatting of dates using the inbuilt tag and date formatting functionality.

As an example, the Thoughtasylum - Writing action group includes several actions to insert in just some common formats.

If none of those suffice, perhaps you could describe the output you are looking for?

Thank you very much, so you can confirm that I can change this action only with the pro version?

Editing actions requires a pro subscription.

Using an action only requires a pro subscription if it uses a pro feature - e.g. Workspaces.

If you want to pick and choose date & time formats on the fly, search the Drafts Action Directory for an Action called “Insert Date” submitted by denismunhoz (be careful, there are several Actions with the same name). It displays a menu from which you can choose date format, time format, and separator characters each time the Action is run.