Data loss - Mac version rolled back to original dictation from Apple Watch

After using Drafts for several years, today ( 2020-01-11 ) I experienced data loss twice. I am using 16.1.3 on the Mac (10.14.6 Mojave) and 16.1.3 on iPhone and two iPads (on iOS iPadOS 13). Syncing via iCloud. Also on a Apple Watch Series 4.

I have been working on a single draft on the Mac this morning, and twice it has eliminated several paragraphs of text and rolled back to the version I originally began last night by dictating a couple sentences on the Apple Watch. AARRRGGH!

During the changes, my iPad(s) were locked, and I had the Apple Watch on the charger, so assume it was also locked.

Any way to get that text back? Anyone else experience this? Suggestions?


I’m on the beta versions currently, but have not personally experienced any data loss at this time.

First place to check on updates is the version history.

Also has the roll-back occurred on all devices or only some? i.e. Could something you have that has the updates, for some reason (iCloud glitch?), not yet have managed to sync back?

Before I forget, if you have it set-up, you may additionally have backups of your drafts.

This was very helpful, thank you! Got my data back from an iOS app!

This encourages me not to stay in a note very long, but to exit out so it prompts a new version to be saved.

I tried looking at the Mac App and couldn’t find this, though I thought I recalled versioning being added a while back. I had also looked for backups, but I don’t have Drafts set to back up often enough. (Fixing that!)

Appreciate the help!

On the he versions link I included, switch the on page OS to Mac.

You can force a new version to be created using an action.

In case it helps, Greg did outline some of the scenarios that versions are automatically createdIn this thread.

Hope that helps.