“Cut” action like the "Copy" action in the “Basic” group?


Newbie here.

Is there a way to create a “cut” action like there is a “copy” action in the Basic group, which would cut the entire draft and place it on the clipboard.

The reason is that I want to simply reuse the draft page i.e. not save/archive it. I’m using Drafts on my iPhone to dictate text (because it somehow has far superior dictation accuracy than on my Mac), then I use the Copy action and once I paste and verify that Universal Clipboard worked, then I want to hit a “Cut” action to delete the text in that draft and reuse it.

I have pro access to manage actions.


Use the script action with

draft.content = “”

This sets the draft content to empty.

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You could dictate direct to clipboard and not have to deal with the reuse/removal of the draft at all.

TAD-Dictate to Clipboard
Use Drafts to capture dictated text, and then place that text on the system clipboard when ‘create’ is selected. Note, this action does not create a new draft.

When you do create and modify a draft, the content is retained in that draft’s version history, so you would still be saving old versions if you are reusing drafts. It is only really one step removed from retaining the draft in inbox/archive.

Hope that helps.

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I would suggest your best move here is to make duplicate on the Copy action (option in the context menu of the action list), and change it’s name to “Copy and Trash”, and set the “After Success” on the action to move it to the Trash.

The Trash is automatically deleted and has no impact on the performance and storage requirements of the app. And this method has two advantages over a “Cut” option - first, you have a fail-safe, so if your copy fails in another app, or you forget what you were doing for a minute and copy something else to the clipboard, you can still dig the draft out of the trash and re-copy it. Also, it avoids you being left with unnecessary blank drafts sitting around in your inbox.


Here’s the Copy & Archive action that I use all the time to do this: Copy & Archive | Drafts Directory

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