Custom Python Syntax

Has anyone created a python syntax/grammar for drafts?

If there was a syntax for Python, it would likely be in the syntax section of the directory.

Do keep in mind that Drafts is not designed to be a code editor as noted here:

As such, you would likely find a code editor offers more of the features you would want when working with Python code. If you simply want it as a reference, then fair enough, but syntax highlighting for programming languages beyond the basics tends to require some notable effort and more so when you want to accommodate common modules as you would likely want to do ith Python.

I have a bunch of ephemeral code snippets that I would like to keep open across computers but not really save permanently. Right now I have them open in sublime. I could just open a note in obsidian and delete it or any other note taking app.

Just kinda seemed like a “draft” in my mind.