Cursor Placement on Templetes?

Hello. I have created a simple template (similar to a questionnaire). Under each question, I have placed a “-” (to act as a bullet for answers). I want that whenever I start this template the cursor is placed after the first “-” which is below the first question. But the cursor is automatically shown on the last line of the Drafts (after “-” below the last question). How can o fix that? When I save the template I place the cursor where I want to be, but this won’t affect the placement.

Can you share the steps/action or TextExpander snippet you are using?

Some sort of extension to what you have currently seems logical, but you could be doing this in several ways. Each way might then present a different best approach; hence knowing what you have would help identify what might be best to do.

Inset Text:

Template to Insert:

Question 1

  • (I need the cursor here when I insert the template)

Question 2

Question 3

Not sure what method you are using to insert templates. There’s a variety of ways to create drafts via templates. If you use the setup described in the post below, it has support for marking initial cursor placement:

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Excellent! Thanks for the tips. It’s working great now! Made my life much easier