Cursor not appearing when using an external keyboard

When I use my external keyboard, I have to tap on the screen in order for the cursor to appear so I can start typing. Is this normal or am I missing a setting somewhere. Running Drafts beta, iPad Pro 11” and Logitech K480 if any of that impacts this. Sorry if it is a stupid question, but it is annoying me and I couldn’t find any similar posts.


Click on “Aa” in bottom-right. Scroll down to General. Toggle “Edit on draft selection” to on.


That setting doesn’t seem to apply when just making Drafts the active app. It works when I’m already in Drafts and I actually create a new draft, but not just when launching Drafts from the home screen or cmd-tabbing from another app.

However, what I do instead of tapping the screen to make the cursor appear is use the external keyboard shortcut CMD-RETURN. Saves the arm from having to reach up, anyway!

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.